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Alex Nowak is an illustrator and designer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a bachelor's degree in Fine Art.  

A lot of her inspiration comes from music. She is drawn to the movement, emotion, and rhythm that can be felt during a song or album, and this is fluent in her illustrations. Her passion for music has guided her style and interests in the arts, developing a love for album covers, venue posters, advertisements, promotional work for musical artists, and more. 

When Alex isn’t creating work surrounding the theme of music, she works as a graphic designer for Lala Projects LLC. She creates social media posts and ads, pieces for print and web, and has been recently working with local organizations on branding and web designing.


"Wanderlust" | Grand Valley State University's Permanent Art Collection | Allendale, MI | 2015

"King Triton" | The Beard Show | Grand Rapids, MI | 2016-2017

"Prayer" | Grand Valley State University's "Fishladder" Newsletter | Allendale, MI | 2017

"Waterloo" | Grand Valley State University's 5th Annual Student Jury Exhibition | Allendale, MI | 2017

"New York Soul" | GVSU & Seoultech Art & Design Student Exchange Exhibition | Seoul, South Korea | 2017

"Decay" | The Graveyard Shift | Allendale, MI | 2017

"Sappy Savannah Soul-Mates" | The Zine Show | Allendale, MI | 2018

"Music is Medicine" | Emerge: GVSU Illustration BFA Show | Grand Rapids, MI | 2018